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Nature Bowl

CMP Nature Bowl

January - May

3rd - 6th Grade

Coaches:  Emily McDaniel (Willow Class) and Desiree Thomas (Physical Education)

Feel free to email us if you have questions: and


What is Nature Bowl?  Check out this website for more info:


Nature Bowl is WORK (in addition to being GREAT LEARNING and FUN). We can have 6 students per team (3rd/4th team and 5th/6th team).


It’s time for

Nature Bowl 2019!!!


A fun competition for 3rd-6th graders who love nature and saving the planet!


Two teams of up to 8 kids each will be assembled to be super-heroes for nature! Our CMP Teams will compete against several other county-wide teams in five different, spectacular events using games, problems, puzzles, and exploration! 

Will we get to go on to the championship at Sacramento State University?!

Only YOU can help us get there!!!


Please come, parents and interested students, to our first meeting on Tuesday the 12th of February, from 3:15-4:00pm in the Willow Classroom to check out our activities and to assemble our teams! We want YOU to be part of our team!! Please RSVP using this link if you plan to attend:



The basis/foundation for the entire competition is the terms (they are available on the Nature Bowl page).  Students need to know each/every term in order to be successful individually and as a team.  Participants are required to make note cards (handwritten) with the term on one side and the definition on the other (it’s ok to paraphrase a definition) at the rate of 10 terms per week beginning the first week.  There are approximately 80 terms for 3rd/4th grade and 110 for the 5/6 team.  (FYI we get feedback regularly that high school students in biology and AP Environmental Science who were in Nature Bowl do very well because of this foundation)