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Laurel (2/3)


laurel tree pic


Welcome to Laurel Class!



Teacher-Ronda Ritchie

It is official- my husband and I are empty nesters. What does that look like? No more dishes in the sink, and no more laundry on the floor. It has been a pleasure reconnecting with my husband; as we have been together since 1984. We have a daughter, Emma, in her last semester at Chico, and Connor is away at ASU. Every year, I look forward to seeing how much learning can happen in Laurel, and this year we have seen so much growth already. I have been a teaching since 1994, becoming a Montessori teacher in 2012. Our Montessori classroom meets the children where they are academically and addresses the child as a whole person; physically, socially, and mentally. Every day, they fill my bucket- Thank you. Mrs. Ritchie

T.A.-Sara Eldridge

I am delighted to be the T.A. for Laurel class.  I have a Masters Degree in Social Work and Public Health, but I also have a passion for children and learning, and I am a parent of two CMP graduates who received excellent preparation for their continuing education at the Shingle Springs campus.  I started my work at CMP in 2013 as a TA in Special Education, where I received additional experience in every grade level on our campus.  Last year, I discovered that my true home is with our 2nd and 3rd grade students, and it is a privilege to spend my time helping each one discover their potential and passions.