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Enrichment Support

Meet our Special Education & Enrichment Support Teams

Deodora Classroom

Lower El SpEd Teacher: Molly Kimber-

Speech Language Pathologist: Cara King-

Speech Language Pathologist Assistant: Joyce Hollingsworth-

Occupational Therapist: Kristin Mai-

Lower El SpEd T.A.: Noel Collier-

Lower El SpEd T.A.: Rosemary Nguyen-

Lower El SpEd T.A.: Hilda Park-

Spruce Classroom

Upper El SpEd Teachers: Nikki Kimbrough & Sara Baco-

Upper El SpEd T.A.: Leslie Wynn-

Upper El SpEd T.A.: Jen Miller-

Enrichment Team

Reading Intervention Teacher: Jan Fagan-

School Counselor: Sarah Mackey-

Visual and Performing Arts Teacher: Kevin Meinz-

P.E. Teacher/Athletics Director: Des Thomas-

Math Intervention Teacher: Kim Yeager-