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Girls Volleyball (6th-8th)

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When: August - October

Who: 6th - 8th grade girls

Coaches: Coach Amy and Coach Ariel


Girls Volleyball Waiver 

CMP Athletic Expectations-Contract


Hooray!  The Girls Volleyball Season is upon us!

Coaches Amy DiVittorio and Ariel Tribble and I connected today to finalize things.  A million thanks to these ladies for volunteering their time, patience, and expertise!

We have a volleyball practice plan (subject to change but this should be pretty solid).
This is Girls Volleyball and anyone in grades  6-8 is eligible to participate.  Boys Volleyball begins in late February.

We will be in the gym and the Sports League regulations which we follow as part of the league are that indoors, athletes must be masked.  We practiced outside in the Spring but feel that between the heat and potential smoke we need to plan to be indoors this Fall.  I'm expecting an update from the League Commissioner within the week and I will let you know of any changes or updates.

Tryouts and Practice Schedule:

Tryouts: Monday 8/16 and Tuesday 8/17 until 5:30pm (please pick up promptly at 5:30).
 Knee pads aren't required but will be helpful if your daughter already owns them.  Wait to purchase until teams are set.

Shorts need to be a 3 inch inseam, minimum.

Water bottles are needed.


Wednesday and Thursday 8/18 and 8/19 and throughout the season

 7th grade team (including 6th graders who make the team) pick up at 4:30pm

8th graders will practice 4:15-5:30pm (they will work at the outside tables on homework until their practice begins)

Please pick up promptly in front of the gym at your pick up time.

Ms. Monica is updating the waivers so I will send them home next week once I know who is participating; you'll have 'til Monday 8/23 to have everything submitted.  Waivers and a suggested donation of $50 ( FYI-each home game costs $70 for ref fees and it's about $1500 to belong to the league and we need one set of new  uniforms this year) need to be submitted before practice on Monday 8/23.

Things to know:
Games are generally Tues/Thurs and the 6th/7th grade games are 3:30-4:30pm.  The 8th grade games begin after (usually 4:40ish-5:45pm).  Release time varies and it's set to allow you to get athletes to the game location  about 3pm.  Parents provide their own transportation to/from games.

Passing grades and exemplary behavior (on the field, off the field, in class, on the playground) are required to participate in all CMP Athletics.  6th graders need to complete a minimum of 80% of their jobs and 7th/8th graders must have grades of "C" or above.  Grade checks are done weekly.

Upcoming Dates:
8/16 Tryouts begin

8/18 Practices begin
9/7 Games begin
9/15 HOME Cross Country meet-I ask the football and volleyball players to be course monitors and stay at school 'til 5:30 that day
9/19  Sabrina Bowl-5th Annual-stay tuned for more information (optional and super fun to have those who can come, attend)
10/2  Championships at Union Mine (this is on a Saturday and 7th grade usually plays in the morning, 8th grade in the afternoon)

I'll send an update and the waiver with a Parent Square next week.  

Take good care,
Mrs. Thomas