Principal's Corner

Ground Breaking Ceremony!!! by Kim Zawilski

What a successful event!
All of the students, parents, contractors, Board Members, our Executive Director and the CMP SS Staff agreed that it was the BEST ground breaking ceremony they have ever seen. The morning’s schedule included:
- Welcome and Introductions of our Guests & Dignitaries
- Students placed stones with their names on them near the building foundation
- High 5 Run by Mr. Bowman & Mrs. Zawilski
- K/1 Performance: “I Get a Happy Feeling Building My School”
- 2/3 & 4/5/6 Performance: “These Are a Few of My Favorite Things” (which included Montessori materials & building schools!)
- Ground Breaking Ceremony: Mr. Bowman, Mrs. Zawilski, Mrs. Cooney and Mrs. Nora officially broke ground
- Ground Breaking Party: All students and staff broke out their shovels and dug in the dirt (and mud)!!!
- Goodie Bags: “Thank You for Participating in the CMP Ground Breaking Ceremony” Goodie Bags with Homemade Cookies were handed out to everyone who participated. Thank you to the many parents who baked and donated cookies!!!

We had many staff members and parents out taking pictures, along with a photographer from the Mt. Democrat. In addition to the photos included in this newsletter, we will have a two-page spread in this year’s School Yearbook. To see the Mt. Democrat photos, click on the following link:

Congratulations CMP! We are building our new school!!!

Prop 55 Campus Expansion

Campus Expansion Update By Kim Zawilski

While gearing up for the next phase of our campus expansion, we decided we needed to do a little makeover on our current campus.  Thanks to the design ideas and building efforts of the Schaub Family, our sign in front of the school received a wonderful makeover last weekend. Check out the photograph below!  Thank you Antoniette and Brian!!!

In addition, we are rototilling the area in front of our school, and with the help of our Junior Girl Scout Troop, we will be planting drought tolerant plants in an effort to further beautify the front of our school.  Watch for progress in this area and feel free to come in and lend a "planting hand"

Happy Spring!




Parent Information

Parent Survey: Spring Conferences by Kim Zawilski

We are committed to partnering with our parents to ensure that our school programs are meeting the needs of our students and their families.  We appreciate you taking a few minutes each quarter to provide us with valuable feedback via our online parent surveys.

The feedback that parents provided during our Fall Conferences gave us some great ideas for improvements to our online monthly school calendar and also provided us with tips and suggestions on optimizing your conference time.  We also booked a Love & Logic Parent Training this Spring based on your requests in the survey.  We found this survey information useful, and want to thank you again for providing your feedback in a positive and constructive way.  

We hope you find your Spring Parent-Student-Teacher Conferences enlightening and informative.  We would like to ask you to complete our short, online parent survey so that we can gather more information about your conference experience.  This survey link will be sent to you in a separate email, so keep an eye out for it. J

Thank you in advance for your participation!

Monday, April 21
Campus Advisory Council Meeting
3:00pm in Deodora
After School: Dance Class
CMP Governing Board Meeting
6:30pm at American River Campus
Wednesday, April 23
Pancake Breakfast
Hosted by Aspen Class
Thursday, April 24
Track Meet @ Union Mine
WASC Mid-Term Visit
Welcome to our WASC Visiting Team!
Sunday, April 27
CMP River Cats Fundraiser
Monday, April 28
After School: Dance Class
Wednesday, April 30
Pancake Breakfast
Hosted by Willow Class
Perfect Attendance Free Logo Day
*March Attendance

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